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History of  “X-Hair” & “Catuf-Hair”

19XX   Canadian Medical Dr, Dr Duc Nguen,

            He started to research of solution for hair loss problem.

2003  Hair Loss solution product “X-hair” is invented in Canada. 

           They do clinical test at Vancouver and Toronto.

2007   Herbal Energy Shampoo “Catuf-Hair” is invented at Vietnam by Dr Duc. 

            Dr Duc use X-hair’s formula for “Catuf-Hair”

            Vietnamese and Japanese researchers started to Promotion Test for 123 users at 

            Ho Chi Minh city Viet Nam.123 users produce a report on “Catuf-Hair” during 3month.

            After using 3month, over 90% users recovered from hair and scalp problems.

            “X-hair” and “Catuf-hair” promotion sells are started at Vietnam.

2008   MONO Ltd established at Ho Chi Minh City.

2009   MONO Corporation is established at Ho Chi Minh City.

2010   “X-hair” and “Catuf-hair” got certificate of the safety product from the Pasteur Institute.

           “X-hair” and “Catuf-hair” got certificate from the health and welfare department of Ho Chi Minh City.

            “X-hair” and “Catuf-hair” started to marketing test for Japan.

2012   “Ctuf-Hair” is started to prescribed for patients from medical Dr,

             at a general hospital of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

2013    “Catuf-Hair” started planning to marketing test for the world.

             Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc…

             MONO JAPAN project started at Tokyo Japan.

             MONO INTER NATIONAL project also started at Tokyo Japan.

             Japanese researchers started to full-scale marketing at Japan.

             MONO INTER NATINAL started planning to marketing for Taiwan, EU,

             and North and South America.

    MONO INTER NATIONAL started to marketing for Bangladesh.