Questions & Answers

Q) How does hair will hair loss?

A) Depending on any cause, depilation occurs by the following order.

1 The hair follicle cells are shrunk.

2 The hair growth cycle of the hair is disturbed.

3 The roots gradually become thin and weakened, and in the end hair falls off.

Q) Is there a way to regenerate the shrunken hair root cells?

For decades, many researchers from all over the world have been conducting research, but most conventional products are only slightly indirectly effective for hair root. Therefore, even if you spend money and time, the current situation is that the user does not get the expected effect as expected. However, Catuf – Hair has the power to solve this problem.

Mr. DUC NGUYEN, a Canadian nationality doctor, has discovered a newly developed natural chemical formula by repeatedly conducting physiological studies of the cell independently for a long time.  (We discovered a formula to return cancer cells to normal cells during the study of a specific drug of cancer cells, apply that formula to hair root cells.) 

Dr. DUC”s formula stimulates direct hair cells (hair roots) , Succeeded in regenerating the reduced hair follicle cell in a normal state.

For this reason, the hair grows properly as before and it will be to prevent abnormal hair loss. Catuf – Hair using this formula is said to be effective for alopecia caused by any cause.

Q) How does the hair regrowth? How long will it take to use?

A) As a general user, when Catuf – Hair is used for about 1-2 months, depilation begins to decrease and at the same time hair growth effect gradually appears.

It is normal to prevent hair loss by using it continuously for about 4 months. Also, from the beginning of use, if you use for a long period of 6-8 months, the amount and thickness of hair will also gradually increase. Furthermore, it stimulates the hair matrix cells, and hair may regenerate in some cases.

The effect can be obtained by energy supply two to three times a week. Even if you raise the frequency of use, the effect does not change, there are things that unbalance the condition of the scalp in reverse. Because it only reduces the product, please keep this usage frequency.

※In effect there are individual differences.

Q) Do hair loss occur again if you stop using the product?     

     Does downy hair will grow?

A) If you stop using it for some reason after four consecutive months of use, it is said that hair loss prevention effect will be sustained within one year. Downy hair will also grow, but its growth speed will be slow.

Q) Why can Catuf – Hair prevent dandruff?

A) Dandruff is an abnormally increased scalp killing cell, which also encourages depilation.

 The cause of dandruff is caused by scalp bacteria, blood lacking iron content, use of shampoo that does not fit, dirty water quality, excessive or too much oil content, etc…

Catuf – Hair harmonizes the regeneration function of the scalp and stops abnormal regeneration of the scalp. Also sterilize bacteria by the effect of rare herb (medicinal herb). Therefore Catuf – Hair effectively prevents dandruff.