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Nani Kore underwent 7 years of research based on both asian and western traditional medicine, experience in handling natural materials and craft techniques. Since ancient times, people have known how to use salt, mineral water from streams, sea water, leaves, fruits, shells, seeds … combine them to create medicine for treat illness, recovered wounds, cleaning, kill bacteria, disinfectants, natural preservatives to keep products long and also “cosmetics”, “supliment foods”. Depending on the specific characteristics of each continent and region, indigenous people combine the available materials, using different techniques to create pure natural products that we often refer to as “organic products”.

Natural resources worldwide are not missing if we know how to exploit, regenerate and use them effectively. In Vietnam alone, the list of plants, minerals and salts with the above-mentioned uses is up to thousands of types. People in many countries and Vietnam have created many traditional products  with many diverse uses, which are hard to tell all, like:

For health and beauty care

Shampoo, hair care, scalp treatment.

Bath, skin care, skin whitening.

Disinfect and treat wounds and skin diseases.

Oral care, treatment for tooth decay.

Medicine and supliment food.

Makeup cosmetics, makeup remover.

Dye: hair, skin and … teeth.

Hygiene, disinfect and preserve foods.

Cooking tastes: powder, thick, liquid.

For life and environment care

Cleaning appliances and houses.

Cleaning ink, color stains.

Cleaning leather, horn, and ivory.

Killing insects, bugs, termites and weevils.

Treating water, soil, fertilizer.

Deodorize, create natural fragrance.

Washing clothes, whitening clothes.

Dye: fabric, wood, bamboo, paper.

Paint: horn, pottery, metal.

The industrial revolution of just a few hundred years has quickly replaced the agricultural and handicraft economy lasting hundreds of thousands of years, from ancient times to modern times. Chemical technology, soap, foam, cosmetic chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals … more convenient, faster efficient, large-scale production, lower costs have become necessities in modern life, replacing most natural, handmade products. There is no denying the great contribution of chemical technology to human progress, nor should eliminate chemical products be completely. But people have come to realize that chemicals should be kept as low as possible, because of unwanted side effects and harm to the environment.

Because we are so used to using chemicals and almost all products have bubbles and fragrances, we often mistakenly think: hygiene products must be foamy, the more bubbles are, the “good”; we deify  the foam, how to clean without foam? I can’t imagine the odorless product how to eliminate the smell? At least I am not sure that “is it clean?” if there is no sign of the foam and fragrance to identify.

We suspect that substances capable of disinfecting must have antibiotics or something toxic. So if we recognize the medicinal effects of medicinal plants, antiseptic, natural preservation of common spices such as lemongrass, lemon, onion, garlic, pepper, chili, vinegar, wine, rice water … Then we will awakening “ah, pretty much safe but very strong bactericidal, very cheap, now always in … home”. The natural raw materials are already strong, Nani Kore combines compatible ingredients to optimize the use; improve the best resonant performance between materials; apply modern extraction techniques, more economical than traditional methods to solve the problem of price, competitiveness, usability and preservation for a relatively long time, about a few years.

We wonder many types of stains today are chemicals that not existed in the past: printer ink, dyes, industrial glue, paints, motor oils … Strong chemicals only have “stronger, more toxic” chemicals. just handle it. It is a concern that has not been experimented and understood exactly about the principle of chemicals. Nani Kore inherits the achievements of the ancients, but we combine the components in a unique way. We then did many experiments and luckily, Nani Kore still effectively removes many types of stains of chemical origin today effectively and safely.

Most consumers do not seem to fully understand the harmful effects of artificial foam, nor do they feel the need to use lots of water to flush out the bubbles is wasteful and inconvenient; The daily inhalation of artificial incense does not harm the airways or the environment; not to mention many other types of base chemicals, preservatives, colors and other additives that not many people know about them; What does the manufacturer add to the product? Just one bottle of dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner or common shampoo has a few dozen chemicals combined, but actually only a few substances are the main use. What occupies the main weight in the product is water, industrial powder, foaming agent and many other substrates …, making the product bigger and heavier, looks thick and dense, eye-catching and convenient.

We usually only provide pure Nani Kore, you will add clean water to use gradually or reduce the rate if taking the pure product directly, so Nani Kore is compact, lightweight and economical. Nani Kore is an easy-to-use and flexible product, so the instructions used in this document are for reference only. You can completely adjust the way to use, the ratio of Nani Kore phase according to your own experience.

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