Nani Kore effects

Nani Kore cleans a variety of stains on almost materials, does not damage the surface of the material. We have tested Nani Kore with most difficult stains: long-lasting stains, rust stains, stainless steel stains, ink, oil ink, ballpoint ink, tape, chewing gum, newly painted or thin paint, coffee, tea, food colors, grease, oil, black burn on the saucepan pot but still protect the non-stick enamel … We also tried Nani Kore on many materials: glass, brick, wall, genuine leather, leather, cloth, wood, plastic, kitchen utensils, car, engine … But might not all, especially the stains that have penetrated deep inside the structure of material. In the course of use, if there are any materials and stains that have not been completely cleaned or harm the surface of the material, please send the sample of material for us to continue researching and perfecting the product.

Nani Kore can be used in place of body hygiene products: shampoo, face wash, makeup remover, nail hygiene, gynecological hygiene.

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