Market orientation

Nani Kore is useful in many industries and environments: hospitals, schools, restaurants, offices, factories and families. We will more research and design Nani Kore product lines according to the requirements of each class of customers from ordinary to high-end, demanding strict safety standards.

Therefore, we orientate Nani Kore to become an essential item in every family, company, factory, organize… So we focus on the popularity of the product. Nani Kore directs the vision to the social benefits, saving and protecting the health and environment in the community. We wish to bring Nani Kore to dry, water-deprived, lack of hygienic condition and none-high economic places. Therefore, we prioritize the versatile Nani Kore Liquid with features: simple, competitive price, only one Nani Kore Liquid product can replace most essential household and industrial chemicals.

The expected types of Nani Kore packaging include: liquid solution contained in jet spray, dropper; wax jars, rolling wax; rolling or modeling cream; essential oil vial; viscous solution with hose; jar of flour, flour package … From the size of the bottle, jar, pen with a small roller tip pocket (used for small locations, in the jam, easy to take with you), small packages travel to cans, large containers for industry. From simple packaging to optimal packaging costs, luxury and premium packaging according to tailor-made design.

Nani Kore lines combined with other handy products for office and family use: Nani Kore soaked towels, dishwashing pads or wet multi-function wipes, one-time cleaning cloth (do not need to wipe again) with water); spray bottles, dropper bottles, roller pens to: remove tape, erase glue; erase writing ballpoint and ink; remove wall paint stains and some new weak paints; toilet spray bottle, cleaning computers, phones, monitors, desks, office tools; cleaning difficult stains, ink on walls, cleaning glass; gas stove, soot, rust; dry-cleaning, temporarily treating clothing stains; washing liquid, washing powder, bleaching non-toxic clothes; odorless spray bottle… Because of its non-foaming properties but sufficient viscosity, smoothness, no harmful chemicals left behind, it is almost unnecessary to rinse; or save maximum water if rinsing, wipe again a second time. Nani Kore is also good for dishwashers, washing machines, cleaning air-conditioners and office machines, household appliances; extend the life and durability of the machine as well as the surface and cover of the machine.

Nani Kore lines used in personal care, health, spa, hotel, travel: food washing water (vegetables, fish meat, eggshell); mouthwash; water for washing wounds, wet gauze to disinfect wounds; water or makeup remover, exfoliating; lotions, gels, shampoos, foot baths, soak baths, body lotions, nails and hair gently for both babies and the elderly; wet swab; the mask has both deep cleansing and acne protection, glowing skin, smooth skin; manicure mask and clean new nail polish when manicure; dry shower, dry shampoo, wash your hands dry … Nani Kore lines used in industrial production, factories, industrial hygiene: floor water, factory hygiene; carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, wall and glass cleaning; cleaning glue, ink, lubricant; cleaning machines, machine parts, rust…

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