Ingredients of Nani Kore

The ingredients of Nani Kore Powder edible plant flour, easy to find in Vietnam and natural minerals: hibiscus, Polyscias, Kalanchoe, lemongrass, guava, grapefruit peel, rice, maranta arundinacea, mineral salt, sea salt… some ingredients are both bactericidal and natural preservatives.

Nani Kore Liquid is extracted from the plants similar Nani Kore Powder, adding water to make a convenient liquid. Nani Kore Liquid is no chemicals: caustic soda, foaming agent, artificial flavor, alcohol, thickener, viscosity, gel, colorant, emulsifier, disinfectant and preserving chemicals.

Nani Kore does not irritate the skin, nose, eyes; does not cause itching, rashes, peeling skin even in direct contact with Nani Kore for many hours; safe on  sensitive skin and baby skin. Nani Kore does not contain alcohol, so it does not evaporate as quickly. You also will not feel short of breath, smell of chemicals and sore eyes when smelling Nani Kore directly.

Besides the ability to clean, disinfect, deodorize not inferior to professional chemical products; Nani Kore is able skin care, respiratory protection, safe for the environment; no harm to material surface. When directly contacting your skin, hand, face, smelling, even… tasting Nani Kore; you will always feel soothing, cool and natural, even with children

The ingredients of Nani Kore Natural Foam is similar to Liquid type; but adding the extract of gleditsia, glosbe, coconut oil, palm oil to support foaming and increase the cleansing, smoothness, mild fragrance but the amount of foam will not be much and safe, because of the natural foam from plants. This is also a non-chemical product, but should be limited to use for people with hypersensitivity to foam.

Other product types include Nani Kore Wax, Gel, Paste Paste, Cream  can add a little chemical to create a viscous, flexible, foamy substance but we limit the production of these forms. If you require, we will choose the safest chemical and try to use it at the lowest rate and note the safety instructions.

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