How to use Nani Kore Liquid

Because the solution is safe even when pure, the amount used, the dilution rate does not need to be accurate, the dilution is only for the purpose of saving and still clean. If you accidentally dilute it, making it difficult to clean, add more pure solution. You can mix and save for use, you can also mix right when needed. But please read the brewing principle carefully, how to preserve it below. You manually adjust the appropriate water addition rate, up to 300 times (ie 1 liter of pure solution can add diluted water from a few liters to a maximum of 300 liters).

Pure Nani Kore should be used for the following cases

Wash minor abrasions, disinfect and soothe insect bites without burning your skin.

Use instead of makeup remover, hand sanitizer, nail cleaner, newly painted paint.

Used as a mouthwash, not spicy should be used for babies. Brush your teeth the same way you brush your teeth with salt.

Use instead of a wet hand wash or dry hands (no rinsing is needed).

Eliminate the fishy smell of the back of the kitchen, meat, seafood, kitchen, toilet, deodorize clothes, socks, shoes, rags …

For difficult stains: use a paper or towel to absorb the solution, apply it on the stain and wait for 5 – 20 minutes to soak the solution, open it occasionally using a tissue or test towel, when the dirt is partially peeled off, begin. toilet. If there is a lot left after cleaning, apply it again, wait a few more minutes and then clean it until it is completely clean. If there is no sign of opening for too long, it is likely that this solution will not work on that stain, or that material. Please report this case, send the form for us to study.

For medium-sized stains or with difficulty not yet determined: try spraying the solution directly onto the stain or spraying on a towel. Use a tissue or paper towel immediately, if completely clean, then stop. If you see any fading, try rubbing your hands or brush combination, cleaning charges to see if it is completely clean, if not, try the way below.

Preparation before hitting the floor, finishing after hitting the floor: separate the hard spots, chewing gum, stains, rust on the floor long before hitting the floor, or after hitting the floor and find left. Then use the diluted solution to wet the floor, wait for 5 – 20 minutes to absorb, depending on the degree of dirt, old, new floor and start hitting the floor. In the process of hitting the floor can add water or dilute solution 1: 300.

Wash separate pots, dishes that have a lot of grease, cream, butter … before washing them together with less dirty dishes.

Burnt, soot burns: soak for 30 minutes or more, observe that the burn has partially peeled off, then scrub the casserole with charge.

Wash machine parts that are difficult to wash, sticky with grease, glue. Soak for 10 – 30 minutes. Then use the diluent to rinse the remaining places, and then wash through clean water.

Stains of clothes but the collar, underarms, crotch or dirty food, coffee, tea: spray Nani Kore solution directly onto the stain, wait a few minutes and then try testing, if the stain is clean then wash normally. If the stain is faded but not all clean, spray a few more times, increase the waiting time for a few dozen minutes, if too long to dry, spray a little more water until the stain is completely clean, then start washing your hands or put in the washing machine.

Soak in white or colored clothes, rags, mop of mop: Can be combined with more detergent if you want fragrance and to increase the bleaching effect. Soak for at least 3 hours. However, be careful not to soak for more than 12 hours to prevent the solution from becoming contaminated with prolonged exposure to the outside environment and producing a rancid, stale odor.

Mix ratio 1: 3 to 1: 9 (10 ml pure 30 ml ~ 90 ml water)

Washing hands or machine instead of washing powder: after the clothes have been separately treated difficult stains, can begin to wash a series. If your clothes are dirty or if you are careful, rinse them with water first. Then add water and Nani Kore solution to soak for about 10 minutes if available. Adjust the dose of Nani Kore corresponding to the number of kg of clothes, the state of cleanliness of the clothes. Usual reference ratio: 1: 100 / 1kg of clothing. Corresponding to 10ml pure 1 liter of water to wash 1kg of clothes. After washing with diluted Nani Kore, you only need to rinse 1-2 times to be clean because there is no foam, so wash very little water loss, water far last and fabric softener in if needed.

Wipe screen, clean phone, laptop.

Ratio 1:10 to 1:30 (10 ml pure 100 ml ~ 300 ml water)

Soak the food, remove worm eggs, tapeworms, bacteria, fungi on food after about 10 minutes soak. Then rinse with clean water, if the food is too dirty, stick to a lot of soil, it is recommended to wash water 1-2 times before soaking in the solution. If washing food to eat raw, should use potable water to wash again after soaking.

Use instead of dishwashing liquid: quantify about 3ml (1 cap of spring water) diluted water, used for 1 wash about 10 pieces. However, greasy, creamy dishes … need pure solution to wash separately.

Use instead of facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, gynecological solution. You wash your hair with a diluted solution like washing with locust water. You should also soak in the solution of peel & lemon juice…

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