Nani Kore brand name and product lines

Nani Kore brand name and product lines

Nani Kore brand name is the common name or short name for the product lines. Fullname is Nani Kore Pure Clean Bio Detergent. Nani Kore has some substance forms and packaged forms depend on cleaning and hygiene purposes.

Name of a product is: Nani Kore + substance form + packaged form.

The 2 basic substance forms of products are Powder and Liquid. Also have other forms: Wax; Gel, Paste, Cream…

Packaged forms: Drop Cap bottle, Spray bottle, Jar, Sprinkle Jar, Nozzle Bottle, Roller, Roller Pens, Pack, Barrel.

The more convenient packaging types are Nani Kore pre-coated in auxiliary products such as: Wet Towel (with small and large sizes for personal use or large wet towels for cleaning, industrial hygiene), Wet mop, Express versatile brush, Mask (for remove make-up, exfoliating, both bactericidal and skin care, both nail cleaning and nail care), Tape, Cotton swab Tape,  Cotton swab impregnated Nani Kore

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